The AION Archetypal Cosmology application is designed to present a visually rich, animated, and interactive interface for traditional and innovative methods of astrological research. At present, the application includes a standard geocentric orrary wheel, a heliocentric view of the planetary cycles, and a graphical ephemeris with an embedded historical timeline from 1850 – 2050 CE. One of the primary purposes of AION is to allow for easy exploration, comparison, and presentation of the correspondences of astrological cycles to historical figures and events–the cosmodrama of the human evolution story. Another of the purposes of AION is to involve the host of newly emerging astronomical elements and perspectives–such as Quaoar, Sedna, Eris, and the Galactic Center and Galactic Equator.

AION is designed to operate over the internet. Currently, a web-ready version is not operational. Updates will be posted as they are available for web preview and download. A screen shot is provided below: